Online Advertising

You have probaly heard about online advertsing, Google adwords and Yahoo marketing, these give your business targeted and measureable advertising results. You're in control of the customers you target, the amount you spend and the types of ads you deliver.

Want to use online advertising but dont know where to start.

We at Purple 8 can help you set up and manage your own adwords and Yahoo accounts, for a low one off fee. Of £75

Or you can take advantage of our low monthly mangement fee, and we will look after the campains for you all you do is tell us your monthly or daily budget and we will do the rest.

How We Charge For Our Service
Purple 8 charge a recurring monthly service fee for setting up and managing our clients Google Ad Words pay per click advertising campaigns.

This fee does not include Google Charges. (See below)

Account Set Up Fee £75
Monthly Management £25
Google Click Costs** Not included
Google Account Activation** Not included

Google Click Cost Charges

Google charges are incurred when our clients ads that appear in the Google search results are clicked on.

These click costs are billed separately by Google Inc and appear as separate charges on clients Credit Card Statements.

Your daily click costs are limited to the daily budget set by you and will not exceed this dollar amount. You will be asked to set a daily budget that you wish to spend in click costs when you sign up to our service. This amount can be as little as $1 a day.

Google Activation Fee

Google charges a nominal, one-time activation fee for Google AdWords campaigns. Account activation fees vary according to the currency you use and the location of your billing: $5.00 USD (US Customers), €5.00 Euros (EU Customers), AUD $10.00 Australian Dollars(Australian Customers)